The Incredible Teddy Bear - Loved by Millions

Soft, cute, cuddly, and comforting the humble teddy bear is also incredibly popular. So what is it that makes almost everyone from children to the elderly hold such a special adoration for the teddy bear?

The generally accepted birth of the teddy bear happened in 1902 when, during a hunting trip, President Roosevelt reputably refused to shoot a captive bear. This incident was depicted on the front page of the Washington Post by cartoonist Clifford Berryman and toymakers almost immediately started to produce "teddy" bears, forever linking the bears to the president's name.

Since its creation the teddy bear has always been a symbol of love, caring and compassion. These days many people are probably not aware of its origins but still the teddy bear continues to grow in popularity.

As a child growing up in New Zealand and battling Rheumatic Fever I was unable to attend primary school for many months, my teddy became my constant companion, my friend, my comforter and my confidant. Looking back on this time I guess having teddy must have been a great help to my mother giving her a bit of help in caring for me.

Later in my teenage years teddy was still there, now dressed complete with bandana and pierced ear! Through the year's teddy seemed to mimic my own life even getting older and more ragged but never failing to make me feel better during the hard times.

Today the benefits of giving children a teddy bear are still as well known as they have been by millions of people for over a century.

Many law enforcement agencies all over the world have implemented the giving of teddy bears in an attempt to reduce psychological trauma experienced by young children when they are involved in incidents or accidents.

Military personnel involved in conflicts from Kosovo to Iraq have used teddies in humanitarian missions to bring smiles to the faces of children.

During the 2005 Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 teddies became "Teddy Troopers" or "Para-Bears," when stuffed animals with makeshift parachutes jumped into the arms and hearts of children during Operation Teddy Drop.

Educators often use the teddy bear to show children what they should do in the case of an emergency such as a hurricane.

It is not only children that love these bears; most adults also have very fond childhood memories of these wonderful toys.

The teddy bear is also an extremely sort after collectors item. Enthusiasts from around the globe are known as arcophiles derived from the Greek words "arcto" meaning bear and "philos" meaning love.

Universally the incredible teddy bear is loved and adored by millions of people all over the world.

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